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Kansas is home to more than 475 species of  birds. The state enjoys the country’s largest inland marsh and largest stretch of tallgrass prairie in the world. Experience a rich diversity of habitats and the possibility of rare bird sightings planned out in convenient driving trips!


Kansas Birding Habitats

Why Bird

In Kansas

East Meets West Geography

A rich variety of birds from around the country pass through Kansas on the Central Flyway. Kansas is where eastern birds such as Baltimore Oriole, Indigo Bunting and Yellow-shafted Flickers meet their western counterparts the Bullock’s Oriole, Lazuli Bunting and Red-shafted Flicker. It’s also where birders from the east might encounter their first Swainson’s and Ferruginous Hawks and where birders from the west see or hear Whip-poor-wills and Prothonotary Warblers. 

See Interesting Kansas Species

Kansas hosts rare species such as the Whooping Crane, Least Terns, and Black Rails,  several species with restricted ranges such as Harris’s Sparrows and prairie chickens, and numerous migratory spectacles. Because of the nature of the state’s topography, it may be easier to catch sight of special species than elsewhere! Visit important stopover sites for migrating shorebirds: Quivira National Wildlife Refuge and Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Area. The Flint Hills region is very important for some shorebird species such as Upland Sandpipers, American Golden Plovers and Buff-breasted Sandpipers. Experience the awesome numbers of species and individuals using these fascinating locations.

Go Out On A Limb

Kansas is ranked high nationally for bird species diversity according to the National Audubon Society. There are 3,000 miles of public trails, four national wildlife refuges, and two federally-managed national grasslands. Plan a birding adventure away from the ordinary! 

Trail Tip

Use quality optics, field guides, phone apps to help in identification of species. Preparation ahead of time reviewing guides to see what species are possible during your visit is a great way to save time.